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Our planet is faced with an urgent call to action: the challenging task of annually removing 20 gigatons of carbon dioxide equivalent from our atmosphere, to mitigate climate change. Until recently, this seemed like a daunting goal. However, we now bring forward a game-changing solution, representing a significant stride toward addressing this challenge.

Enter the Queen of Biologicals: mycorrhizal fungi. As carbon’s main pathway into the soil, these fungi are known to be the key ingredient for supercharged permanent carbon sequestration. Cracking the code for producing high-volume, high-quality, and supremely concentrated mycorrhizal products, we’ve already implemented a groundbreaking solution across millions of hectares of cropland worldwide. This method achieves carbon removal on an unparalleled scale, ensuring verifiable, sustainable and enduring carbon removal, NOW.

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Working with Farmers Today for a Better Tomorrow


Permanent & significant carbon sequestration- unlocking new carbon revenue stream


Yield increase and soil health improvement, due to better absorption of micro- and macro-nutrients (notably phosphorus)


Reduction of consumption of expensive phosphorus fertilizer, without compromising yield. Water savings under certain circumstances


Plant durability under stress conditions, such as drought, flooding, salinity or acidic / alkaline soils

Rootella for

Rootella is a family of mycorrhizal inoculants that are produced and developed by Groundwork BioAg. Grounded in science and perfected over years of global field trials, Rootella forms fungal mycelia that attach to and effectively extend root networks. The mycelia restore the essential mycelial networks in soil that seek out and unlock essential nutrients, delivering them to plants, and sequestering carbon.

Groundwork BioAg is the first company to crack the code on the cost-effective mass production of mycorrhizal inoculants for mainstream agriculture. By prioritizing accessibility and ease of use for highly concentrated powder and liquid seed treatment, we put nature’s most potent carbon sequestration and crop sustainability solution back into farmers’ hands.

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Rootella Carbon™ for Our Planet

While addressing environmental challenges, Groundwork BioAg unlocks new carbon revenue streams for farmers with significant return on investment.

Enrolment is currently open for farmers to join Groundwork BioAg’s Rootella Carbon program.

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Carbon's Main Pathway into the Soil

The Queen of Biologicals: Mycorrhizal fungi are proven to be the foundation of healthy soil and the key ingredient for supercharged carbon

Company News

Groundwork BioAg Adds to North American Mycorrhizal Inoculant Sales Team

Clayton Lang to support carbon program enrollment of Rootella Carbon Mazor, Israel, January 17th  2024 – Clayton...
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Rootella’s Journey to Global Commercialization

INTERVIEW: Mr. Shu Yang (Country Manager for Groundwork BioAg – China) and Mr. Chad Miller (AGRivested South Africa)...
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Rootella Registration Approved in China, Argentina, and South Africa

Groundwork BioAg Expands Global Commercialization of Mycorrhizal Inoculants Mazor, Israel, December 19, 2023 –...
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