Rootella® L

Rootella® L

Rootella L concentrated liquid seed treatment effectively inoculates plants with highly potent endomycorrhizal fungi. 

Rootella L offers farmers an easy-to-use liquid formulation that integrates seamlessly into their seed treatment practices. 


Rootella L mycorrhizal seed treatment delivers extremely high concentrations of endomycorrhizal fungi: 

At least 133,600 viable propagules of Glomus intraradices per ml (3,787,200 per ounce) 

33,400 viable propagules of Glomus mosseae per ml (946,800 propagules per ounce)  


Rootella L is suitable for seed treatment, in-furrow or drip-irrigation, using a wide range of equipment. 

Application Rate

Mix 0.2 fl oz (6 ml) per acre (or 15 ml per hectare) of Rootella L in agitated mixing tank, during application. 

This bottle covers approximately 78 acres (31 hectares). 


Detailed technical specifications, application instructions and safety information can be found in the following documents: 

* Rootella labels and SDS documents may vary among territories to reflect differences in species compositions, due to local regulatory requirements. 


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