Rootella® T

Rootella® T

Rootella T mycorrhizal inoculant effectively inoculates plants with highly potent endomycorrhizal fungi. 

Rootella T’s unique “tea” bag delivery system makes it easy to prepare the ground for healthy trees and transplants. 


Rootella T inoculants deliver high concentrations of three types of beneficial endomycorrhizae: 

2,000 propagules of Glomus intraradices per gram ,(56,699 per ounce) 

250 propagules of Glomus mosseae per gram (7,087 per ounce) 

250 propagules of Glomus clarus per gram (7,087 per ounce) 




Rootella T is a high concentrated mycorrhizal inoculant for simple and worry-free application in the planting hole. 

Simply drop 1-2 grow packs in the ground before planting and give your seedlings/saplings the boost they need to establish a strong root system 

Place 1-2 Rootella T grow packs in planting hole under seedling/sapling immediately prior to transplantation. 


Detailed technical specifications, application instructions and safety information can be found in the following documents: 

 * Rootella labels and SDS documents may vary among territories to reflect differences in species compositions, due to local regulatory requirements. 

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