Global Industry Leader Neal Gutterson Joins Groundwork BioAg’s Advisory Board

Global Industry Leader Neal Gutterson Joins Groundwork BioAg’s Advisory Board

Advisors to guide continued global expansion of Mycorrhizal Bio Platform

Mazor, Israel – January 11, 2022 – Groundwork BioAg® expanded its advisory board with the addition of Neal Gutterson, PhD, Chief Technology Officer and Partner at Radicle Growth and recently retired Chief Technology Officer at Corteva. Recognized as a world-class scientist in agricultural biotechnology, Gutterson brings in-depth experience advancing innovation and biological platforms to deliver greater value to farmers around the world.

“Innovation in biologicals and regenerative practices are helping to restore soil health and carbon permanence while ensuring plant nutrition, with less phosphorus fertilizer. But more must be done to accelerate mainstream adoption of these solutions and engage everyone across the food supply chain—from farmers to consumers—to restore overall sustainability. At Groundwork BioAg, this is our mission. We look forward to working with Neal as our advisor and are delighted to tap into his unique experiences,” said Dr. Yossi Kofman, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Groundwork BioAg.

Prior to his role at Corteva, Gutterson led Mendel Biotechnology as CEO, where he expanded the company’s plant gene network platform to improve productivity, resource use efficiency and stress tolerance of key agricultural crops. Today, Gutterson serves as CTO and Partner at Radicle Growth and on the System Board of CGIAR. In the past, he has served on the Board of Directors for the International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center (CIMMYT) as well as several organizations focused on technology advancements that improve the overall sustainability of crop production.

“Tremendous progress has been made to expand biological innovation in the last decade, however, to combat climate change and restore the overall health of our food supply, we must look deeper into our soils,” said Gutterson. “I’m delighted to join Groundwork BioAg’s advisory board to help the company achieve the full potential of its proven science, while tackling existential challenges like permanent soil carbon sequestration and chronic drought.”

In 2021, Groundwork BioAg accelerated mass production of its highly concentrated, cost-effective mycorrhizal inoculants and unlocked its technology platform to quickly scale product development. The company has consistently delivered year-over-year sales growth and expanded its global presence. In addition to increasing yield, Groundwork BioAg’s mycorrhizal inoculants improve sustainability by reducing dependency on phosphorus fertilizer and improving carbon sequestration in soil.

About Groundwork BioAg

Groundwork BioAg, a global bio agriculture company, leverages the natural power of mycorrhizal fungi to improve the productivity, sustainability and profitability of commercial agriculture and expand regenerative agriculture practices. Groundwork BioAg is the first to use innovative techniques to solve challenges inherent in high-volume mycorrhizal inoculant production. We will not rest until every hectare of arable land is protected by mycorrhizae and every farmer benefits from higher crop yields while preserving our soils.